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**Please read full description before purchasing**


Lets get straight to it. The Twisters feature the same magnetic fidget goodness as my other sets, but also add another fidget factor with the inclusion of a spinner in the middle of the bead. This makes this set a spectacular fidget toy. Now on to the specs.


Each Titanium set weighs approximately 21.8 grams all together. They are approximately 16.2mm tall, and 14.5mm in diameter. The spinner portion is 16.5mm in diameter.


Speaking of the spinner portion, it is an all-ceramic bearing doing the work. The spinner features 6 holes that are filled with a glow color of your choice. Spin times are around 10-30 seconds depending on how hard you flick them. If you flick them hard enough, you can even feel the spin through the cord.


Lets now talk about care. I personally do not recommend this set if you plan on it being a beater set. While it has handle all the drops I had with it just fine, I personally was more delicate with it than my other sets due to it having a spinner in it.


Lastly, lets talk about maintenance. It's pretty simple if the spinner gets bogged down. Take the set apart with the included wrench and dip the spinner portion in alcohol for a minute to remove any unseen particles. Then blow out the spinner with a can of compressed air until dry and then you should be good to go. I did this every 2-3 weeks, but your mileage may vary. Also, no grease or oil is needed for the bearing since it's ceramic


When you receive your Twisters, they are packaged in a TGP case, a microfiber pouch, serial number card, sticker, and your choice of paracord.


**To activate the glow, you need to put it under a light source (sunlight, UV flashlight, lamp, etc...). UV light sources work the best. Over time, the glow will fade and they'll need to be activated again**

Materials: Ti 6AL-4V, neodymium magnets, ceramic r188 bearing, set screws, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 16.2 x 16.5mm

Weight: Approximately 21.8g

Titanium Twisters (Choose your Glow)

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