My latest design, Spartans, were designed to venture into different shapes than my previous releases.  It is a medium-sized, but light to middleweight set, ranging from 21g to 23g, depending on the features.  Spartans feature a flat top, with very slightly rounded edges for comfort and control.  The sides of the beads are angled and contoured, to increase playability and for increased manipulation during trick combos.  It is a very comfortable set to hold and play.  Spartans are equipped with my optional patented magnet system. You can choose to have the set magnetized, or demagnetized, as you desire.  The unique shape and magnets only increase the fidget factor of this unique set.   


Spartans are made of Grade 5 titanium, combined with a feature of your choice, including options of various accents in brass, copper, aluminum, or glow resin.  Spartans with aluminum, or glow resin accents weigh 21.7g per set.  The Spartans with heavier metal accents, like copper and brass, weigh 23.4g.  You can choose the option that best suits your style.  


Spartans also feature the option to have those accents stamped with a name, initials, words or numbers, as you choose, for an additional fee of $7 per set.  With that feature, up to six characters can be stamped, on each bead.  This is the first commercially available begleri set that features engraved personalized options of this kind. 


This is a perfect set for beginners and advanced players alike.  So, if you want to make some changes to what you are currently playing, to increase the fidget factor, gain more control, and shed excess weight, Spartans is the perfect choice, and an upgrade for your begleri game.


A special thanks to all the TGP Begleri fans for participating in the name contest for this set.  Spartans is a befitting name for this set, because it’s a Greek name, for a set that can battle all your most complex tricks.  If you enjoy my Gladiators, Titanium Skill Pills and Tip Tops sets, I believe you will enjoy these too.  Spartans are packaged in a hard TGP storage case, with a pouch, 425 cord in the colors you choose, scratch-off card, and TGP stickers. 


**To activate the glow, you need to put it under a light source (sunlight, UV flashlight, lamp, etc...). Over time, the glow will fade and they'll need to be activated again**


Materials: Ti 6AL-4V, glow resin, nickel-plated neodymium magnets, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 16.7mm x 16.7mm

Weight: Approximately 21.7g

Titanium Spartans Begleri (Glow)


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