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Helix are a small (15mm x 15mm) Ti 6AL-4V bead set.  The top edges are rounded for comfort.  The beads have a distinct helix like pattern that goes around the wall of each bead.  They weigh 10.3g per bead, for a mid-weight 21g set.  


What sets the Helix apart from any ordinary set of begleri is that the black resin in the helix turns grey when the bead reaches a temperature of 82 degrees or above. So when sitting out on a table in room temperature, its black, but if the've been sitting in your pants pocket for some time, they'll be grey!


Helix design features no knot hole, because you don’t need to make a knot or flat burn to secure your cord for this set.  They are compatible with both 425 (3mm) and 550 (4mm) paracord.  Directly in the middle of each bead is a screw hole that’s used to secure a cord, for an easy setup using the included set screws and hex wrench accessory.  Helix come with TGP magnets, that can be either magnetized or demagnetized, according to your preference. 

Helix are small size beads, but they have a big personality, and play solid. It is a comfortable set, that’s small and easy to maneuver, but it plays like a mid-weight set.  Helix are very comfortable for beginners, but they can also easily handle all your most advanced begleri tricks. 

Helix look amazing, they play great, fun to set up, durable, and they also fit so easily in your pocket.  I hope you will enjoy this set as much as I do.  I worked extremely hard on this design, and hope you all love it too.  Helix are packaged in a TGP tin, with a canvas style pouch, sticker, cord and accessories.   


**To activate the color change to grey, you need to warm them above 82 degrees. This is done by having them in your pants pocket over a few minutes, or friction rubbing the set in your hands. Once it drops below 82 degrees, the set will fade back to black**


Materials: Thermal resin, Ti 6AL-4V, nickel-plated neodymium magnets, cone-point set screws, hex wrench, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 15mm x 15mm

Weight: Approximately 21.0g

Titanium Helix Begleri

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