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** Anodizing will start to show wear over time from drops and such**



I have been having a great 2018 year, and on the heels of the versatile Flipsides, and the portable Gatlings, is my latest offering, Titanium Gladiators. Shop fans have been requesting that I make a new version of my original brass Gladiators, in a harder and more durable metal. So, I decided to revamp one of my earlier lathe designs, into a more durable material, using grade 5 titanium, while tweaking the specs to add some girth. Then, I added my patented magnet system as an available option. You can choose to have a magnetic set, or I can de-magnetize them, and the choice is all yours.


The result, is that 2018 Gladiators have the same beautiful look as the original brass model, featuring the same intricate design and the distinctive signature layers and grooves Gladiators were known for. But now, that same beautiful look is updated to be even more durable, made from titanium, and they’re now fidgetable, and even more fun. Gladiators are a perfect 24g/25g set, with plenty of weight to give you the momentum you need on your most advanced tricks, but also a set you can use for hours at a time, without the hand fatigue.


Check out the Gladiators in action, in my promotional video shown in the gallery. The video speaks for itself, as titanium Gladiators are not only a smooth player, but a great collectible set, and a work of art. I am making them available in the shop with some great color/finish options. Shop around, and choose a color and finish that is just right for you. As a begleri designer and maker, coming up with new finishes and color ideas is what has made this release even more special. Some of the different looks I put on these are really unique, so keep an eye on the shop, and don’t miss out. I am very proud of this new set, and happy to share it with all of my loyal customers who have been waiting. Treat yourself to one of the most gorgeous titanium sets ever produced. You'll receive a set of Gladiators, your choice of 3 paracord colors (leave a note), and a nifty case as well. When you receive your set, be sure to check out the FAQ on how to measure.


Materials: Ti 6AL-4V, nickel-plated neodymium magnets, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 19.0mm x 16.5mm

Weight: Approximately 24g



Titanium Gladiator Begleri (Matte Purple)

  • Shipment of your item depends on what you order. Everything but my lathe-cut sets will ship in 1-3 business days. That includes the Skill Pills. All of my lathe-cut sets are 3-5 business days due to making them to order.


    I ship WORLDWIDE. All items will be shipped using USPS First-Class Parcel unless you choose Priority.