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The titanium bullet is a very limited, and special design.  I wanted people to have the opportunity to own something both unique, and collectible.  I also wanted to make a set that has novelty and collectibility, along with the playability that TGP Begleri sets are known for.  I worked hard to get this design just right.  


The titanium bullet begleri, is made up of two different shaped beads, of equal weight (12.5g each, a 25g set). When they join together with my patented magnet system, they make a complete bullet design.  One bead has more of a rounded top to resemble the bullet’s nose, and the top part of the casing. The other bead has a flat top to resemble the middle of the bullet casing and the bottom, where the bullet primer would be. 


The titanium bullet is limited to only 15 sets.  Maybe you’re a begleri collector, a player/gun enthusiast, or you just want the most rugged looking badass begleri set ever.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add one to your collection. You will be the envy of all your friends with this set in your hand.  It is available in different anodized and finished options.  

The bullet is packaged in a hard storage case, with a TGP pouch, any three 425 cord colors you choose, a scratch off ticket, and TGP stickers.  


Materials: Ti 6AL-4V, , nickel-plated neodymium magnets, 425 paracord

Size: Top half of Bullet (19mm x 16.5mm) Bottom half of Bullet (16.5mm x 16.5mm)

Weight: Approximately 25g

Titanium Bullet Begleri (Orange Peel Nose)