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Tip Tops are designed, with unique materials, like micarta and titanium flakes in clear resin, atop 6AL-4V titanium beads.  Tip Tops are a smaller bead size, rounded at the top, so they will fit great in your hands, and in your pocket.  They are a 24g set, or slightly more, depending on your preferred setup.  They might play a bit heftier than the 24g weight indicates, typical of a smaller bead size.  That ensures a smooth playing set, good for players of all levels.  Tip Tops are equipped with the TGP magnet system, but the magnets can be demagnetized, if you do not want that feature active in your set.  Just when all the begleri beads start looking the same, Tip Tops came, to change the game.  Look forward to seeing Tip Tops with other unique materials atop these titanium beads in the future.  With your set of Tip Tops, you will receive your choice of 3 paracord colors (leave a note), and a nifty case for storage or carry.  When you receive your set, be sure to check out the FAQ on how to measure.  


Material: Ti 6AL-4V, shredded money, clear resin, nickel-plated neodymium magnets, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 17mm x 17mm

Weight: Approximately 24g

Tip Tops Begleri (Money Shreds)