Introducing new TGP Begleri magnetic holders.  Now, you have a cool place to store your set, until it’s time to play again.  


TGP holders are made of high grade anodized aluminum, and equipped with magnets to hold your favorite magnetic TGP sets.  You can display two magnetic sets per holder with one bead from each set holding on, or display one set with each bead attached to the holder.  A holder is big enough to show off your favorite begleri skill toy, but small enough to display in your car, on a cabinet, on your fridge, on a wall, or anywhere you want easy access to your set. You'll be able to attach your set with double-sided velcro tape that will be provided. 


The holders are laser engraved with the TGP logo, and available in black and clear anodized versions.  Displaying and accessing your set has never been so convenient and fun.  Add one to your order today.  

TGP Begleri Magnetic Holders

Holder Color