Fusions are the latest addition to the TGP lineup.  To expand on the bi-material design of TGP Batteries, I introduce my new Fusions into the mix.  But, this time, instead of titanium beads, I opted for stainless steel and copper beads as the foundation for this new set.  This allows me to give customers the comfort of Delrin, on a solid metal set, but at a much more affordable price.


The stainless steel version of Fusions weighs an effortless and smooth playing 25g, while the copper set weighs a solid fast playing 27g.  No matter which option you choose, you can customize the permanent Delrin tops and bottoms in four available colors, for a multitude of color combinations. Permanent Delrin rings will be affixed to the top and bottom of the beads, available in red, blue, white and black.  Mix and match them, as you desire, for a custom color combination. 


Fusions are a shorter stockier bead shape than Batteries, with grooves and optional o-rings for added grip and comfort.  The permanent top and bottom Delrin rings add comfort, but they also help quiet some of the clacking of the metal beads, and they help protect the beads from damage.  Fusions are a metal set that will be a bit more discreet for playing, without disturbing friends, family, or co-workers during play sessions.  They are equipped with the TGP magnet system, so you can fidget with them, or add the magnetic feature to your repertoire of begleri tricks.  As usual, I can also demagnetize the set, and disable the magnet feature, if you prefer. 


Choose a metal, choose the Delrin ring colors, choose to magnetize or not, and choose o-rings or no rings at all.  Have them your way.  Fusions are great players, with a feel all their own.  They’re a discreet metal set that you can customize, without breaking the bank.  Many of you have been waiting for a new copper set to hit the market.  Steel or copper, whichever you choose, you can’t lose, when they fuse.   

You'll receive a set of Fusions, your choice of 3 paracord colors (leave a note), TGP scratch-off ticket, and a nifty case as well. When you receive your set, be sure to check out the FAQ on how to measure.


Material: Stainless Steel, Delrin, 425 paracord

Size: Approximately 17mm x 17mm

Weight: Approximately 25g

Stainless Steel Fusions Begleri

Top Delrin Color (Bead 1)
Bottom Delrin Color (Bead 1)
Top Delrin Color (Bead 2)
Bottom Delrin Color (Bead 2)

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