TGP FlipSides are one of the most special sets in the shop.  The medium-sized titanium beads (11.5g each), are designed with one flat side, and one rounded side.  You can decide what side you want to play on, the flat side, the dome side, or maybe one of each.  Aside from that feature, unique to FlipSides, are the screw-in custom fit inserts.  FlipSides are complete with three sets of metal inserts, that you can screw into the beads. When they screw in, there is no rattling around of the inserts, and they fit with the titanium as if it was one solid bead.  The aluminum (1.9g), stainless steel (2.6g) or copper (2.9g) inserts will add weight to the top or bottom of the FlipSides.  You can add an insert to the top of the beads, and there’s room on the bottom of the beads for a knot.  Or, you can add inserts to both the top and bottom of the beads, for even more weight, with an outside knot.  Flipsides feature slim o-rings for added grip, and a brushed matte finish.  It’s a gorgeous set, that you can customize to your preference.


FlipSides have some of begleri’s most sought after features, titanium beads, bi-metal design, o-rings, and they are also weight adjustable.  Included with the set, is everything you need.  The set includes the titanium beads, a set of aluminum inserts, a set of stainless steel inserts, a set of copper inserts, and a hex wrench for quick assembly/disassembly.  They will be packaged in the new style TGP metal case, your choice of 3 paracord colors (leave a note), TGP sticker, a signed card from TGP, and a neat durable pouch with TGP logo to protect your set on the go.


They are a solid but relaxed playing set, that has some get up and go.  It’s a set suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.  It is a set that can grow with you, and it is built to last.  Grab a set of TGP FlipSides today, one of TGP’s best innovative designs, his first new design of 2018, and forever a part of begleri history. 


Materials: Grade 2 Titanium, 7075 Aluminum, Copper, 316 Stainless Steel, 425 paracord, Black O-rings, Hex Wrench

Size: Approximately 18.8mm x 16.5mm

Weight: With AL inserts: 25.2g, With SS inserts: 28.6g, With Copper inserts: 29.2g

The below weights are if you use inserts on both sides with the knot out.

With SS/AL inserts: 30.4g, With Copper/AL inserts: 31g, With Copper/SS inserts: 34.3g

FlipSides Begleri (Batch 5)

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