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Hello, my name is Tyrone Pratt and I started TGP Begleri in 2015. I began flipping begleri in 2002, and I have been hooked ever since. Begleri originated in Greece, but is relatively unknown in the United States. After unsuccessfully searching for quality American-made begleri on the internet, I decided to make my own handmade begleri sets. I started out selling on Etsy, and after selling nearly 5,000 begleri sets, I decided to make my own standalone site as well.
Most of my sets are made on my manual lathes, along with a couple sets that are custom milled using CNC machines to ensure that the begleri are the highest quality possible. Nearly everything is made in my basement and once your set is done, my wife and kids help pack it up and send it out. It’s truly a family affair!
Making and flipping begleri is truly a passion for me. I cannot leave my house without a set, and if you get a set too, you'll understand why.

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